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Art Show

Category » Arts & Culture Dave Gould?s AUDIOTORIUM Sound/Art Show May 10, 2014 to June 30, 2014 Presented By » The Pearl Company Dave Gould?s AUDIOTORIUM Sound/Art Show! GALLERY SHOW: May 10th through June 2014. Are they musical instruments or sound sculptures? This exhibition at the Pearl Company Gallery features his entire collection of electro/acoustic musical inventions including the Electric Caribou Antler Harp (giant antlers stringed and bowed), the Musical Toilet (with built in smoke and light show), and many more of Dave?s home-made musical/sound inventions. Come hear what each one sounds like through the interactive display. Each sound sculpture will have a set of headphones playing a recording of it. One set of headphones will feature all of the sound/art creations put together in a composition demonstrating Dave?s ?AUDIOTORIUM? Orchestra. Please email or call Dave: 905-537-0463 Gallery Viewing Hours: By appointment, by chance, & when open to the public (before concerts etc.) The Pearl Company: 16 Steven St. @ King William 905 524-0606.» View all events for The Pearl Company. Event Details. Location: Hamilton, Ontario