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The Art of Roy Thomas

Category Arts & Culture Vision Circle: The Art of Roy Thomas December 20, 2012 to February 23, 2013 Presented By McMaster Museum of Art Ahnisnabae artist Roy Thomas (1949 - 2004) was one of the leading representatives of what is commonly referred to as the 'Woodland School of Art.' Though the career of the founding figure of the school, Norval Morrisseau, preceded Thomas' debut by almost 20 years, the paths of these two creative giants intersected more than once, throughout their lives. Like many other 'Woodland' artists across Northwestern Ontario, the two shared certain commonalities by virtue of regional proximity and cultural origin. Moreover, given the transmission and transference of the style, the work of these two artists spoke to the potency and complexity of contemporary Ahnisnabae visual culture and its pictographic roots. events for McMaster Museum of Art. Event Details. Location: Hamilton, Ontario