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The eclectic vision

Category Arts & Culture the eclectic vision June 30, 2012 to August 26, 2012 Presented By Carnegie Gallery Several art works from up to 90 artist members will be curated and the eclectic vision will unfold. Works by Louise McCann, Katherine MacDonald, Barb Sachs, Scott Barnim, Rae Bates, Myrna Putns, Dan Welsby, Catherine Weir, Donna Ibing, Terry Osborne, Margaret Peter, Lee Jung-Do, Lynn Macintyre, Lorraine Roy, Lorne Toews, Marla Panko~ and many more. Included in the exhibition will be oil painting, printmaking, watercolour, pastel, pottery, and mixed media. The Gallery artists are local to the Greater Hamilton area. Many are known nationally and internationally. events for Carnegie Gallery. Event Details. Location: Hamilton, Ontario