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Screemers - Scream Park

Arts & Culture Festivals Music Performing Arts Special Events Sports 2011/2012 Festival & Events Guide Category . Special Events Screemers - Canada's #1 Indoor Haunted Scream Park October 14, 2011 to October 31, 2011 Presented By: Continuum Productions Inc. Screemers is excited to open its horrifying doors for the first time in Hamilton. We have been scaring people in Toronto for the past 18 years and countind and now the FEAR will come down on the Hammer.Screemers is a haunted scream park, complete with 4 haunts and the Midway of Mayhem. Our haunts will terrify you in every way imaginable, whether your afraid of darkness, tightness, startle, or gore we will get you!! All of your senses will be stimulated and taken to their limits, by our 100 terrifying ghouls lurking around every corner. There is no refuge once you enter the Scream park, no area is off limits, THE SCARE IS EVERYWHERE!Experience the terrifying Skull Castle, feel your way through the Black Hole but watch for the creatures that lurk in the dark, put on your glasses and enter the terrible clown world in Terror in 3D, run from the chainsaw man in the Maniacs Maze. If your dreams were pleasant before Screemers, they will be haunted after you leave.If the haunts aren't enough to get your heart going experience the Pizza Pizza Midway of Mayhem area, complete with thrill rides, including the spectacular HAUNTED Mansion ride!! Screemers is extremely scary therefore we don t recommend those with weak hearts, cowards, or kids under 12 attend. We look forward to scaring you... . View all events for Continuum Productions Inc. .. Event Details. Location: Hamilton, Ontario