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Lise Beaudry, Isabelle Hayeur, Marie-Josee

Arts & Culture Festivals Music Performing Arts Special Events Sports Waterfront 2011/2012 Festival & Events Guide Category . Arts & Culture Out of Place / Non lieu: Lise Beaudry, Isabelle Hayeur, Marie-Josee Laframboise June 09, 2011 to September 25, 2011 Presented By . Art Gallery of Hamilton Working with ideas of place and the imaginary, Lise Beaudry, Isabelle Hayeur and Marie-Josee Laframboise are Canadian francophone artists whose works portray ephemeral sites or places that don t exist in reality. The AGH is the first Ontario venue for Hayeur s new body of work De-peindre Quebec ou l envers du Decor, which addresses gentrification and the preservation of historic sites in old Quebec City. These large scale photographs are digitally altered to include elements that are both factual and fictional, presenting the viewer with seamless views of places that don t actually exist. Focusing on the temporal character of a site, Beaudry photographs the snowy surfaces of frozen lakes in a highly minimalist manner. The images are mostly white with little detail. This body of work stems from a past project wherein she documented "la peche blanche," or ice fishing, in the francophone ice fishing communities of northern Ontario near her hometown, as a study of an important aspect of this area s culture. She then began turning her camera downward to photograph the ice beneath her in contemplation of the experience of standing on a frozen lake. In aiming her lens downward instead of out to create these "landscapes," she leverages a new conceptual approach in her work, involving non-representational photography. An accompanying video, Underscape, is shot beneath a lake s icy surface. In the Gallery, it is projected at a large scale, engrossing the viewer in an experience of an ambiguous liquid environment. An installation piece by Laframboise makes use of ambiguity as well, in an imaginary landscape made of undulating bright green net, suspended within and stretched across a room. Its surface is transparent, but the forms read as solid. The piece is created in a performative and intuitive manner, as the artist culls her memory for impressions of places she s been. The viewer s experience with the piece is subjective it inspires multiple perspectives on this idea of a place. As Hayeur has mused, "we continually remake the world in our own minds... In all places the real and the imaginary come together."1 The works in this exhibition are conceived out of the idea of place, but all the places represented here are "non lieu." In other words, they are no place at all. . View all events for Art Gallery of Hamilton .. Event Details. Location: Hamilton, Ontario