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Mise en scène 2011

Arts & Culture Festivals Music Performing Arts Special Events Sports Waterfront Category . Arts & Culture Mise-en-sc ne: Views of France April 30, 2011 to August 14, 2011 Presented By . Art Gallery of Hamilton Drawn from the Gallery s extensive holdings, this exhibition explores how artists past and present have responded to and interpreted the French landscape. From explorations of the pastoral views that have in part shaped our perception of France as an idyllic and evocative locale to depictions of Paris as a vibrant metropolitan center, the images presented provide artistic glimpses into the particular charm that has long characterized the country. In Mise-en-sc ne several generations of European, Canadian and American artists including James W. Morrice, Edwin Holgate, Christiane Pflug, Albert Marquet and Stephen Shore take us to the places and spaces that inspired them, in turn transporting us there. . View all events for Art Gallery of Hamilton .. Event Details. Location: Hamilton, Ontario
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