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Brendan Fernandes: New Video Acquisitions

Arts & Culture Festivals Music Performing Arts Special Events Sports Waterfront Category . Arts & Culture Brendan Fernandes: New Video Acquisitions April 30, 2011 to August 14, 2011 Presented By . Art Gallery of Hamilton Following Brendan Fernandes AGH exhibition until we fearless last year, the Gallery acquired two of his video works, Foe 2008 and Performing Foe 2009 . This purchase was made possible with the generous support of Pierre Karch and Mariel O Neill-Karch, with matching funds from the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance for Art Museums and Public Galleries program. In his works, Fernandes often explores the topics of post-colonialism and identity in globalized cultures. In Foe and Performing Foe, the artist examines the ways in which one learns to speak in a culturally specific way. In Foe, we hear an off-screen acting coach teach Fernandes how to enunciate in the "accents" of his cultural backgrounds, and we see him struggle to imitate these nuanced words. The script is taken from the book "Foe" which is a sequel to "Robinson Crusoe." Fernandes reads the section wherein Friday the savage has been mutilated; his tongue has been removed and he cannot speak. Fernandes then takes on the role of teacher to a group of students in Performing Foe, leading them in the same lessons of pronunciation. These pieces play on the notion of pedagogy through mimicry and disguise; Fernandes interests are not in the authenticity of these accents but in the idea of being taught to speak in these voices. He asks the viewer to consider the ways in which language and culture are acquired and communicated. . View all events for Art Gallery of Hamilton .. Event Details. Location: Hamilton, Ontario
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