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Cake: Fiona Kinsella

Arts & Culture Festivals Performing Arts Special Events Sports Waterfront Meetings & Conventions Category . Arts & Culture ATELIER - Cake: Fiona Kinsella June 05, 2010 to October 03, 2010 Presented By . Art Gallery of Hamilton The familiar is made strange in this exhibition of ornately decorated cakes and thick abstract oil paintings. Kinsella s cakes, iced with baker s fondant, are situated precariously between beauty and the grotesque. Appearing at first as standard cakes that are often used to mark rites of passage like birthdays, weddings, or funerals, the cakes are here adorned with small objects such as bones, religious relics, teeth, and are sometimes encircled with human hair. . View all events for Art Gallery of Hamilton .. Event Details. Location: Hamilton, Ontario
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